2N IP Intercoms for door communication and emergency calls, IP public address systems and M2M products reflect the latest trends in the area of security. We are number one on the IP intercom market, complying with the most stringent international standards (ISO, TÜV, UL, CE) and our products are compatible with third party systems (Onvif, Milestone, Cisco, Bosch, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and many more).

We are at the full disposal of our customers in all phases of the sales process, also providing subsequent technical assistance, not forgetting of course support in communications, marketing and customer care. Thanks to our independent development, we are ready to quickly respond to customers’ requirements and to adapt our products to their specific needs.

IP Audio Systems

IP Intercom Systems 

Audio distribution with no limits on distance. IP audio systems from the 2N portfolio enable audio content distribution via LAN, WAN or internet networks over great distances or even wirelessly. They break all limits on distance and deliver high quality audio. All hardware components across the networks can be monitored from one central management software. In case of any unexpected situation (e.g disconnected loudspeaker, decreased volume), you are immediately informed. The whole system can be remotely and easily upgraded without any added costs. IP audio systems are thus the ideal solution for amusement parks, zoos, hotels, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, stations, office buildings or sports and cultural facilities For convenience and safety oOur range of products offers intercoms for a variety of purposes. They are intended to provide maximum comfort and safety to residents and visitors to buildings. Communicators mediate communication with visitors to both households and workplaces and, if needed, they can guarantee a connection between a person in real need and the service they require. The 2N® IP Intercom is a security intercom that, thanks to its modularity, can be used everywhere you need to choose a specific function and purpose of use. For example, you can choose an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card reader. It can not only be easily integrated into your current camera and monitoring system, but thanks to programmable scripts, also with KNX installation. Furthermore, the whole system can be also used as a security component to protect the building.