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V15: PnP Multicast Debug

In order for your 3CX PBX is able to answer PnP requests for provisioning purposes the following requirements must be met: 3CX must run on SIP Port 5060 3CX must be able to join the multicast group The IP Phone and PBX must be in the same local LAN subnet Switch must support MultiCast Your

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Bridging 3CX with an Asterisk PBX

Introduction In this document we are going to demonstrate how to create a bridge between a 3CX (V14) and an Asterisk PBX. We will assume both systems are in the same local LAN. Setting up 3CX From the 3CX Management Console go to “Bridges” and “Add Bridge”.       In the “Add Bridge” form fill

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Use of IP Systems for Audio Distribution

We encounter IP systems for audio distribution every day in many places, without even realising the fact. Every time we enter a department store or bank, when waiting for a train or travelling by metro, we can hear music, advertising messages and information about train arrivals and departures played over various audio systems. You can

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Why the 3CX Firewall Checker Does not Lie

3CX Phone System has a built-in automated firewall checker which validates the setup of your firewall in terms of “port forwarding” and also “port preservation”. Port Forwarding 3CX Phone System will check if  “Full Cone NAT” is correctly set up on the firewall/gateway device. Full Cone NAT allows any external entity to connect to 3CX

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