Are you still using Analogue Door Intercom Devices??

There has been a tremendous change in the technology of door intercom starting from analogue to Digital and to IP. We have the latest Integrated IP based Door Intercom devices which also allows you to integrate your door intercom devices to your IP-PBX and extended the usability of it from any IP Phone or extension in your premises and no need to install indoor devices.

i20T Door Intercom


    1. No indoor units required and use extensions (IP Phones) as indoor units.
    2. Free to receive door phone call on any extensions / IP phones on the premises.
    3. Talk to the guest before opening the door.
    4. Unlock Door (in built access control) from any IP Phone (access lock need to be connected externally)
    5. Unlock using inbuilt RFiD / keypad with password.